Information Specialists

Data included in the directories and guides produced by Heritage Publishing, Inc. are the product of our Information Specialists Department’s careful research and verification process.

How can I or my organization be listed in one or more HPI publications?

Our publications list individuals and practices for a certain industry, in a designated area. Our health care guides provide one listing for each health care provider. Our senior directories list organizations that provide information on senior programs and services for elderly citizens.

Each year, our Information Specialists contact and verify each listed in every guide, as well as research new listings.

However, you do not need to wait for our Information Specialists to contact you in order to update your current listing or add a new one. Update your listing online, or call us at 904-296-1304.

Can I be listed in publications designated for areas outside of my practice area?

Yes, if you are an advertiser. Every physician or organization is entitled to one free listing in the health care publication that covers their practice area. Only advertisers can be listed in publications outside of their practice area. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

How many categories can I be listed in?

In most cases, individuals or organizations can only be listed in one category each. However, advertisers may be listed in multiple categories. Those listed may choose which categories are most appropriate for their business and inform the Information Specialists Department or Sales Representative.

How does the Information Specialists Department verify each listing?

Our Information Specialists verify each listing through personal contact with the office of the individual or the organization. While many organizations keep their websites or online directories up-to-date, we do not rely on web content to verify our listings. We also use online phone books and search engines to research listings, but do not rely on the accuracy of those sources. We contact each office or organization primarily through phone, email and fax.

Can I fax my information to the Information Specialists Department?

Yes. Our fax number is 904-296-8522.

Can I email the Information Specialists Department?

Yes. Please contact Crystal Farr, our Information Specialist Supervisor.

What if I have questions not answered on this website?

If you have any additional questions, please call Crystal Farr, our Information Specialist Supervisor at 904-296-1304.