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Only 3 More Days Left!

Hurry, because the advertising sales campaign ends December 31st for the 2010 First Coast Relocation Guide. Don’t miss your chance to advertise in this widely used publication! Contact a sales representative today at 904-296-1304.

Don’t Miss Your Chance…

…to advertise in the 2010 Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Remodeling Resource and 2010 First Coast Relocation Guide! The ad sales campaign for the Remodeling Resource will end on December 18th. For the Relocation Guide, the end date will be December 31st. Hurry now to guarantee a spot in these highly anticipated publications. Call 904-296-1304 to speak with a sales representative today!

Coming Soon…

The Duval County Medical Society Membership Directory will be arriving to the printer on Friday, December 11th. Within the next couple of weeks, the following guides will also be heading to the printer: the Jacksonville Claims Association Resource Guide, Naval Hospital Jacksonville Patient Guide and Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport Patient Guide.

The publications will be distributed in January 2010. Exact dates will be posted once they become available, so keep checking back!

Do You Have Your Copy?

The North Central Florida Healthcare Guide has hit the streets! The guide was successfully distributed to its market area this past month. If you have not received your copy of the North Central Florida Healthcare Guide or would like to receive additional copies, please contact us at 904-296-1304.

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