A Holiday Unlike Any Other

By Katherine Odom-Tomchin

Traditions are a source of great comfort for most people, as they are familiar and refreshingly repetitive when much of life is unpredictable. Many families expect the same traditions during the holidays and feel unsatisfied when those traditions are broken. We found a few Jacksonville families for which this is especially true, though what traditions they have come to expect may be surprising.

Photo courtesy of Amy Franks (2)The Franks Family
In the Franks’ opinion, why not celebrate Thanksgiving twice? Amy and John Franks and their three children, like most families, have a pattern established to celebrate their holiday. For Thanksgiving, they get up at the crack of dawn and each cook their favorite food to go along with an oven-roasted turkey for the early dinner later in the day. They reflect on what they are thankful for at dinner, watch football in the evening, drive to get the newspaper, which is full of funny ads for the holiday, and use the fine china, horrified by the prospect of eating off normal paper plates for the special meal. Despite being faced with the trying task of deciding which side dish to make each year—John’s dressing or Amy’s stuffing—the couple seamlessly combined their old family traditions. It is a delicious dinner and a good day but, for the Franks, Thanksgiving doesn’t stop there.

Since they love Thanksgiving so much, they celebrate it twice, dubbing the additional holiday “Franksgiving.” Amy credits John for having the idea. “So he said, ‘It is my favorite meal of the year and we only have it once a year!… Read the rest

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