A Precious Kernel on the First Coast

By Betsy Dailo

Photo courtesy of Betty Jean Conner (2)The warm fall of the First Coast is the perfect time to take your loved ones to a farm and through mazes of corn. Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres is your opportunity to pry your children and teens away from the electronics and experience a staple of Nassau County.


Living on the First Coast, you and your children have the special opportunity to visit Conner’s farm, which includes hay rides, a corn maze and animals, such as curly haired horses. The Conner family and their employees work year-round to educate children and adults about life on their peaceful farm and to make memories with the families who come to visit. According to co-owner Betty Jean Conner, the best part about running the farm is, “The whole experience. Living out in the country, where it is peaceful and quiet and providing other families a place to make memories.”

Since 2003, the Conners have been running their “A-Maize-Ing” farm for the enjoyment of others. The farm is also open for school field trips. Each year, the corn is shaped to represent different themes. Last year’s theme was “Our Freedom and Our Military.” The corn was shaped to depict an eagle on top of a flag with the statement, “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

Unlike most attractions on the First Coast, Conner’s is located far from the city, and that’s one of the aspects that makes it alluring to people. “One [of] our visiting families perhaps puts it best, ‘We love Conner’s! It’s an awesome family friendly, wholesome environment where our kids can step away from electronics and the modernism of the world and really get back to the roots of the country,’” says Betty Jean.… Read the rest

Source: MMS

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