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Reviews by Betsy Dailo

For the Grown-Ups

Festivus The Holiday for the Rest of UsFestivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us (2008)
By Allen Salkin
On Dec. 18, 1997, “The Strike” first appeared on TV. This Seinfeld episode seemed to change the world by creating Festivus, a holiday celebrated on Dec. 23 to serve as an alternative to the commercialized holiday Christmas has become. The day includes the Festivus pole, dinner, the Airing of Grievances and of course, the Feats of Strength.

Allen Salkin provides readers with not only a hilarious book, but one that shows how Festivus has been around for centuries, beginning in ancient Rome. However, the Seinfeld version of Festivus originally began in 1966 in the O’Keefe household. Dan O’Keefe was one of the writers for the show and brought his family’s traditions to the TV screen.

Families now celebrate Festivus as a real holiday, even purchasing their own aluminum pole to display. But don’t forget, as Frank Costanza says, “Until you pin me, George, Festivus is not over!”

For the Children

Daddy Christmas and Mama HanukkahDaddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama (2012)
By Selina Alko
In the U.S., families of different faiths are celebrating multiple winter holidays. In Selina Alko’s children’s book, she introduces Sadie, whose parents practice different faiths. Despite celebrating Christmas, Sadie’s dad is the one who makes the latkes, a traditional Jewish food. Her Jewish mom hangs the Christmas stockings.

Throughout the book, Alko shows how people can embrace other traditions to make one happy, diverse family. Their family visits later in the book to discuss their different traditions.… Read the rest

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