Conditioning For School Sports: Securing That Varsity Spot

By Betsy Dailo

With school in full swing and extracurricular activities beginning, now is the time for your teen to get into shape for winter and spring school sports. Conditioning for sports helps prevent future injuries and makes the transition to playing easier. Participating in school sports allows your teen to make friends, exercise and have another extracurricular activity to add to their college applications. Below are some ideas to help get your teen ready to make the team.

Male High School Basketball Team Playing Game

Research what exercises are best for their sport. Not every sport requires heavy lifting, running 10 miles or extreme flexibility. If your student has never played the sport they want to try out for, take time to research and learn more about the physical requirements.

Devise a workout plan that they can stick to for the pre-season. Once you and your teenager are familiar with a few exercises, figure out a workout plan for them, such as running a mile or two every day and then adding in core workouts. Make sure they tailor it to their specific needs and abilities. Finding a plan online is great, but it may not be the best one. If you can, talk to the coaches at the school to see what they recommend. They may even hold conditioning days before tryouts so everyone has a chance to get into shape.

Create goals for your teen to achieve. Build on the strengths your son or daughter already has and make obtainable goals for every couple of weeks.… Read the rest

Source: MMS

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