Each directory and guide produced by Heritage Publishing, Inc. is carefully proofed and edited by a team of experienced, professional writers and editors.

Does HPI only do in-house articles for their publications?

The editorial staff at HPI does write original articles for the publications; however, these are not the only articles that are published. Advertisers can submit their own articles or work with one of our editors on a collaborated article. These articles, referred to as advertorials, are subject to approval by the publisher. Please contact a Sales Representative to discuss your ideas for editorial content.

Can the Editor provide ad copy for my advertisement?

Yes, our experienced editorial staff will produce the ideal material at no additional cost to you as our client.

Are the materials I submit reviewed before they are published?

As a professional courtesy, all documents are proofed and edited for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc.

Who do I send my material to?

To begin the proofing and editing process, please submit your documents in Word or PDF format to your Sales Representative, who will then forward it to the Editor, or you may send the content directly to our Editor.

Include your business name and the publication title in the subject line, and be sure to include your name, phone number and email address in the email, so we can contact you with any questions or concerns.

Can I mail documents to the Editor?

Yes, however, mailed materials will only be returned to the sender if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included.

What if I have questions not answered on this website?

If you have any additional questions, please call the Editor at 904-296-1304.

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