Eight Days of HPI

Last week we explored eight different features of the new HPI website! There are many convenient features to easily navigate around the website. These features include:

  1. The “Request a Publication” tab gives you the option to get any of our relocation guides, health care guides, senior guides and more!
  2.  The second new feature is the “Find a Doctor” tab. This tab takes you directly to a list of our health care guides, allowing you to select which area you want to search. After selecting a guide, you can search for a doctor by name, address and specialty.
  3. The “Update Listing” tab lets you update your advertisement listing right from your own computer.
  4. The “Publications” tab gives you the option of searching for a publication by product (relocation guides, senior guides, health care guides, etc.) or searching by region. PDFs of these publications are also available online.
  5. The “Advertise Tab” includes links for uploading artwork, media kits, publications by product and publications by region!
  6. To learn the history of HPI and more details on the company visit the “About Us” tab!
  7. To contact us you are able to use the “Contact Us” tab to either email us or call us at 904-296-1304
  8. Our Services” explores the publication services we offer. Besides the publications we can design and mail direct campaigns to your audience.  Our databases are updated to make sure you are able to access the most up to date information!

We hope you enjoy our new website and all of the features it has to offer!

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