Enhancing Care at Home for Older Adults

Florida Blue Foundation gives $300,000 grant to Baptist AgeWell to strengthen House Calls program

More seniors with complex medical needs in Northeast Florida will now have access to Baptist AgeWell’s House Calls program, made possible by a $300,000 three-year grant from Florida Blue Foundation. House Call brings the unique AgeWell care model directly to a patient’s home, expanding access to quality healthcare for seniors with complex medical needs that make office visits difficult.

The House Calls program, which began in October 2015, provides routine primary care services that are typically provided in a doctor’s office, such as taking vital signs, listening to the heart and lungs, and following up to make sure all medications are being taken. Home visits are made by nurse practitioners and geriatricians who oversee the care.

House Calls is part of Baptist AgeWell, an enriched type of primary care in Northeast Florida for people ages 65+ who want to be proactive with their health to live more independent and productive lives. Board-certified doctors, along with nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, rehab therapists, social workers and psychologists have a unique, comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to managing health.

“We are grateful to Florida Blue Foundation for providing the grant that will expand our social services team for the House Calls Program,” said Earl Evens, executive director of Baptist Health’s AgeWell Institute. “Being able to replicate our model of care in the homes of patients who are not able to make it to the office is invaluable to older adults in the Jacksonville community.”

The Community Health Needs Assessment in Northeast Florida from May 2019 highlighted the significant need for expanded access to healthcare, particularly for seniors. The grant for the House Calls program will greatly enhance care for this growing demographic, responding to a critical community need. During the next three years, AgeWell expects to make nearly 6,400 home visits and provide care to more than 545 patients who otherwise may not receive much-needed primary care services.

“The Baptist AgeWell House Calls program aligns with the mission of the Florida Blue Foundation to help people and communities achieve better health,” said Florida Blue Foundation Vice President Susan Towler. “The Foundation strategically allocates grants toward community-based solutions through its focus areas and programs that focus on health solutions in the healthcare system, multicultural and growing populations, and critical issues of affordability, access and quality. The House Calls program is vitally important for many seniors in the Jacksonville community.”

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