Faking Fall on the First Coast

By Katherine Odom-Tomchin

PumpkinsIn a state that seems to have only two seasons a year, First Coasters are sometimes unable to experience the full beauty of autumn. Use the tips below to construct a fall-feel in your own home and help your family get in the mood for autumn. It’s almost as good as the real thing.


First Impressions
The first thing people see when entering the house is the front porch, so give off an autumn first impression. Set out pumpkins, lay down a fall welcome mat and put a wreath on the front door. There are wreaths of all different colors and styles constructed from various materials including corn husks, wheat, bare branches, fall leaves and more. Decide which wreath compliments your house best and attach it to the front door.

Fall Home Décor
Keeping in mind the colors that coincide with the season, get crafty or buy some decorations that exude fall. Table decorations such as a basket filled with pinecones and a couple of candles, a fall-colored table cloth, and a cornucopia filled with fake autumn leaves, apples, grapes, nuts and wheat provide a fall theme to the dining room table that will be perfect come Thanksgiving. Lay out fall-colored blankets, pillows and flannels to add a rustic, comfortable tone to the house.

Paint the Town Red
Incorporate typical fall colors in your decorations and home accents. Reds, yellows, browns and oranges are a good transition from the bright colors of summer. Peruse craft stores for fall decorations or supplies to create your own.… Read the rest

Source: MMS

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