Postpartum Depression: You’re Still in There Somewhere

By Mindy K. Urueta

Months of planning, anticipation and choosing the perfect name lead up to that moment when your new baby arrives and you feel your heart fill with immeasurable joy. Your baby is finally here and you’ve gotten through those first few weeks of sleepless nights and your body is readjusting to no longer being pregnant. During these first days or weeks, it is common for postpartum women to experience what is known as the “baby blues.” Fortunately, these hormonal ups and downs soon pass and life moves on with baby and family.

Stranger in the Mirror
As time passes, instead of joy you feel yourself overcome with anxiety and fear— perhaps even anger or a lack of interest in your baby. Suddenly all the planning and blissful dreams are replaced with feelings of disinterest or inadequacy. You worry that you are unable to care for your baby. You fear that you might injure your baby. You’re feeling as if you aren’t able to do anything right, and above all, feeling that you are all alone in this and that no one would understand.

The truth is, these feelings are not your fault as they are likely symptoms of postpartum
depression (PPD). According to the Centers for Disease Control, statistics show up to 20 percent of all new mothers will experience some form of PPD. The symptoms can range from rapid mood swings, self doubt, anxiety, feeling distant from baby and other loved ones, and in severe cases, thoughts of harming oneself or baby.… Read the rest

Source: MMS

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