The Pride of the Navy

By Katherine Odom-Tomchin

blue angels fly over Pensacola

Blue Angels fly over Pensacola

To showcase the professionalism and exceptional abilities of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, the Blue Angels take to the sky. The elite flight group is also representative of the excellence displayed by the personnel within the fleet and performs demonstrations as community outreach to an estimated 11 million people each year, receiving hundreds of requests to hold air shows from around the U.S. Spectators marvel at the jets as they perform overhead, each plane in the sky a streak of blue and gold, the Navy’s official colors. How the aircraft fly within inches of one another, sometimes while upside down, remains a mystery and a spectacle to onlookers below. The exceptionalism of the pilots flying the planes and tremendous teamwork required to maneuver the exercises safely is a true testament to the training of the U.S. armed forces, as the Blue Angels have demonstrated since conception.

The Blue Angels began April 24, 1946, ordered into existence by Adm. Chester W. Nimitz in an effort to boost Navy moral, demonstrate naval aviation and maintain public interest to support a depleting budget. A group of men was assembled and sent to the Florida Everglades to train in secret, causing flight leader Roy Voris to say of the initial practice period, “If anything happened, just the alligators would know.” There, the men developed teamwork and the skills needed to execute acrobatic aviation maneuvers before successfully putting on their first air show over Craig Field in Jacksonville on June 15, 1946.… Read the rest

Source: MMS

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