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Changing Vision One Eye at a Time; for the World: Gulani Vision Institute

By Mindy K. Urueta The ability to see the world around us is one of the most precious gifts in life. The intricacies and mysteries of the eye have been studied by man for centuries, going as far back as Hunayn ibn Ishaq’s “Book of the Ten Treatises of the Eye,” a 9th-century theory of […]

Bringing Change One Yoga Pose at a Time with Kathryn Thomas

By Katherine Odom-Tomchin Yoga is known as a mind-body exercise that requires concentration on breathing and physical techniques to be performed properly. Kathryn Thomas, founder and executive director of Yoga 4 Change, a Jacksonville-based nonprofit organization that teaches yoga as a therapeutic exercise to struggling individuals, believes that yoga is much more than fitness. It […]

Caring for Your Soldier: Your Guide to Making the Best Care Package

By Tina Rymar The military takes care of our country and our freedom, so it is important that we take care of them. During the holidays—and year round—putting together a care package is a great way to show your appreciation and remind a deployed soldier that they are loved and remembered. We have put together […]

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