Request a publication

  • Please provide us the following:

    • One 10x13 large manila envelope per publication
    • Pre-label each envelope with your address information
    • Your business name, address and NPI number
    • Pre-postage each envelope in the amount of $5.95. We can not send any publications with out the proper postage amount
    • Fold the prepared envelopes and mail to Heritage Publishing, Inc. and we will mail you your requested copies immediately

    Please mail to:
    Heritage Publishing, Inc.
    8130 Baymeadows Cir. W., Ste. 101
    Jacksonville, FL 32256

    Payment may also be remitted in the form of check or money order for the requested publication price plus $5.95 shipping. Please include your mailing address with your payment and we will gladly ship your order.

    Once again thank you for your request and please consider our publications as an integral part of your marketing.

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